About us

We are your neighbourhood matchmakers of sorts connecting you to the best quality grocery needs at the best price.

In the hustle and bustle of everyday living our service takes the load off and allows you spend your spare time with your loved ones. It takes account of the busy lives of carrier people, and the underappreciated and underpaid yet laborious job of stay at home mums, so don’t leave work in the middle of the day and risk losing your job in these uncertain times, and to our stay at home mums, check this one thing of that list. Concentrate on core responsibilities and let’s concentrate on ours and bring that bargain to you.

We are shopping tirelessly, browsing supermarket shelves and the best local markets not just to bring you that bargain, but to show you what you save by shopping through us. Our price checker keeps you abreast of what a few popular items in the week cost across various markets and shops assuring you that you did the right thing by shopping from our one-stop hub.

Why use us? We are not a supermarket, and we don’t typically stock products, so we are not going to impose products on you. We even have a watchdog service that commends or calls people out for poor service or substandard products. You are therefore assured of both good service and quality products with us.  You will be able to rate us but be kind because we are also not a logistics company and the delivery of our shopping service is outsourced. We apologise therefore in advance for any shortcomings that any of our partners may exhibit.

Please tell us about any flaws you may experience but tell others about our flawlessness. Thank you, and happy shopping.