Return Policy

Refund Policy for Products

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Due to the nature of our business the products we sell, are not owned by us, and we will typically look out for products with the longest possible shelf life. We therefore do not have a return policy but will be happy to refund you if the product arrives damaged at your doorstep. For a refund, kindly reject the product on delivery. In the same vein, fresh organic produce purchased in the open market are not eligible for return or refund.

We will typically deliver highly perishable items in freezer bags or appropriately sized coolers on ice to maintain freshness. We have arrangements with butchers for meat and meat products so that these products come straight from the abattoir, and you are assured of getting same day freshness. We are working with stores and supermarkets to improve the return of items you have purchased through us within 7 calendar days of the purchase. The item must unopened and in its original condition. We will update this policy as a result from time to time.

If our products arrived damaged, rotten or contaminated in any way, please contact us right away, while the dispatch officer is with you, and we will be happy to send a free replacement regardless of its expiration date.

If anything is unclear or you have more questions, feel free to contact our customer support team through our information on the contact us page using any of our numbers or emailing us onĀ